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In the colourful kitchen of O Mundo Organic World Foods

We want everyone to enjoy the rich tastes and smells of the world's cuisines, and share our passion for good food! Doing this organically is really the only way for O Mundo, out of respect for the world and because the authentic and pure tastes of organic ingredients are just really good. The world is our inspiration: everywhere we go we are looking for new exciting products to add to the O Mundo range. Cooking should fun, with tasty products, original recipes and lots of variety. Let O Mundo take you on a worldly adventure in your own kitchen!

- Our products -

Hamburger bun

The hamburger finds its origin (quite logically) in Hamburg. Germans used to flatten a meatball and...

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Naan, nan or Khamiri is a flattened bread which can be found in the kitchens of West-, Mid- and South Asians...

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Hogdog bun

A hot dog is a saussage, which can be eaten on a hot dog bun. The sausage, originating in Germany, used to be called...

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Pita bread

A pitta is soft flattened and round bread. You can find the pitta in the Mediterranean, the Balkan...

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